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Re: Working Ranch magazine...........

Postby Dave » Thu Jan 04, 2018 12:06 pm

Bestoutwest wrote:
Dave wrote: wrote:Is a working ranch somehow superior to a ranch?

It is probably working ranch because there are people from California who own 2 acres in the country and refer to it as a ranch.

I have a friend that does that, drives me up a wall. I'm never going to get past the hobby stage, can't swing it financially, but I don't refer to my place as a ranch, nor myself a rancher. It just feels false. I prefer to call myself "a guy that owns a little bit of land and some cows."

It drives me nuts too but I also find it funny. There are some fairly good size operations here. I personally know 6 different guys who have enough cattle that they own a semi with a cattle pot to move their cows around (I eat breakfast with 4 of them most Sunday mornings). A person would never know they have a ranch of that size if you didn't see the truck parked in the equipment yard. Drive down the road a mile or two and there will be a 5 acre place that has a horse or two with a huge sign calling it the "Dry Hill Ranch".
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Re: Working Ranch magazine...........

Postby Bigfoot » Thu Jan 04, 2018 1:16 pm

I'm not sure it's a pet peeve, but I see people with a brand prominently displayed, and the brand is not registered. Just on my rode, we have the rafter H------3 horses. The rocking W-------went out of raising bottle calves, but kept the sign. The lazy D------had a few calves, but now let's someone cut hay off the place.
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Re: Working Ranch magazine...........

Postby ddd75 » Fri Jan 05, 2018 6:08 am

greybeard wrote:
Bigfoot wrote: wrote:Is a working ranch somehow superior to a ranch?

The opposite would be a hobby ranch. Hobby ranchin is frowned on. Should have its own magazine though.

Hobby farming/ranching does have it's own magazine. Called Grit.
Sister and b-i-l insist on giving me all their old magazines and it's one of them. IMO, A more useless rag I've never seen.

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