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Re: Self Defense Guns

Postby greybeard » Tue Apr 17, 2018 10:27 pm

herofan wrote:
You are correct. I just feel that some of you live in environments that make you feel like it’s more likely to happen than where I live. To be honest, I wasn’t aware there were people so big on carrying guns for protection until I came to this forum. I’m not ever around anyone who talks about it. On the other hand, I’m sure you find it really strange that someone doesn’t carry one.

I don't find it strange that someone doesn't carry. What I do find strange, that in the face of evidence to the contrary, people still believe it's a matter of environment, when most law abiding people are assaulted, killed, and robbed in environments they've always considered perfectly safe. Their own homes, in well lit (even security patrolled) walmart type parking lots, sitting at a red light at a busy intersection in broad daylight, pumping gas at a convenience store they have stopped at routinely, walking back to their car at a popular movie theater, county and state fair parking areas, and any number of other 'safe environments'.

Criminals are opportunists and know most people consider themselves to safe in those areas where they are less likely to be armed.
Luck of the draw plays in to it more than anything else.
Statistically, yes, the odds of you or I being added to the thousands of law abiding 'normal' people that find themselves in harms way every year is "seemingly' very low. If it is indeed worth the risk to you (and your loved ones) to not carry or even concern yourself, go for it. It will only take once to probably change your mind and the risk factors are not as much in your favor as you may think.

Approx 83% of the US population age 12 and over will become a victim of violent crime at least once in their lifetimes.
The odds do go down as you get older. While the odds of you being shot in an individual personal robbery or as part of a store holdup are probably pretty low, you must recall that the odds don't matter one crappola if you get shot.
There's a pie graph at the following link, which I can't currently post a picture of so you will have to follow the link and scroll down to see it. ... me/robbery

A similar one for a more recent year.
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Re: Self Defense Guns

Postby Dave » Wed Apr 18, 2018 6:31 pm

If I get shot it will probably be by a jealous husband and unfortunately it will be a case of mistaken identity.
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