Any good looking calves?

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Re: Any good looking calves?

Post by LCBulls » Thu Oct 11, 2018 11:00 pm

Air gator wrote:Do they have conventional Raindance semen? How much is his semen?

I believe he is $50 Conventional, and $75 for Female.

T & B farms
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Re: Any good looking calves?

Post by T & B farms » Sun Oct 14, 2018 1:17 pm

T & B farms wrote:Can’t get pictures to post, so this will have to work. This is a renown bull, 7 months old. Stand out of the group, out of one of my best cows. Thinking about keeping him for personal use. Pick him apart, hold nothing back. You can’t hurt my feelings.
This is a bred heifer out of a chisum 6175. Very lacking in the butt department, but long as a train. Need to breed here to something that will add some rear this spring.
Renown heifer out of a very good cow. I sure like her a lot.
That’s all I could get to cooperate

The bull calf in the link weighed 760 at 240 days with no creep. I sure didn’t guess him that big. They mating must have really went together well.
These renown calves are almost too tame. I had one heck of a time working them. All they want to do is stand and chew their culd. Hotshot was a must.
Over all I am very happy with the renown calves.

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