AI tech in the Fort Bragg, CA area????

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AI tech in the Fort Bragg, CA area????

Postby farmerjan » Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:14 pm

On another forum, someone has a family cow and cannot find anyone to do AI in the Fort Bragg, Ca area. Anyone on here know of anyone near that area, maybe a dairy or beef producer that does some AI that would be able to breed a family cow? They said it cost them nearly $1,000.00 :???: :???: :shock: :shock: and the attempt was not successful so they have a bull for now but who needs a bull for one cow? I am not at all familiar with that end of the country. Thought I would try to help them out if I could. Don't know the particulars but $1,000 is totally off the wall price for any AI....Semen must have been gold plated from a mythical perfect jersey cow... the breeder had to come from nearly 200 miles away.... Surely there is a better answer for them.
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