Flush to whom?

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Re: Flush to whom?

Postby LCBulls » Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:38 pm

hornedfrogbbq wrote:We have no clue on flushing or the like. We are breeding for replacements. So, given that, we are looking hard at hoover dam, 7229, Impression and/or Consensus. I'd toss CC&7 in there as well. momma making fathers....

If your breeding for females than I’d also Recommend these cow makers. Resource/Renown, LD Capitalist 316. Sensation/Seedstock
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Re: Flush to whom?

Postby NEFarmwife » Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:54 pm

gizmom wrote:I will be honest I have not read the entire thread, but s to the original question. We don’t flush heifers, no matter how good they look or how great the pedigree. At this stage she is just a nice heifer with a nice pedigree, that just doesn’t make her flush quality.


I respect your decision not to flush a heifer and I understand the reasons why but for us, it is the most economical way to bring the genetics we’re wanting in our herd. By this time next year, we should have 15+ offspring of hers on the ground from 3 sires! And the remaining embryos are all profit. 3 embryos bought me a bred heifer today.

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