AI Bulls--comments appreciated

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Re: AI Bulls--comments appreciated

Postby Son of Butch » Wed May 09, 2018 12:29 am

Reading cattle genetics advertising is a bit like reading real estate advertising using terms to cover reality, ie...
Cozy = too small
Charming = too old
needs TLC = it's a dump
moderate = short/small cattle

Mature Height and Yearling Height are the 2 most heritable traits
MH and MW usually go hand in hand as does yearling height and yearling weight.
As a rule 'moderate' cattle = +$EN and elephant sized cattle = -$EN

breed average
yh .4
yw 90
mh .3
mw 27

top 25%
yh .6
yw 104
mh .5
mw 43

bottom 25%
yh .2
yw 75
mh .1
mw 10

Hoover Elation - short but heavier than expected for stature = short and wide
yh -.1 bottom 15%
yw 106 top 24%
mh .1 bottom 30%
mw 19 bottom 35%

yh 1.0 top 3%
yw 178 through the roof and off the charts (139 yw is top 1%)
mh 1.2 cows taller than extreme top 1% of 1.1
mw 99 top 1% = 84 mw

Peyton's steers should be bell ringers, definitely great terminal sire potential, but his daughters as the saying goes
might eat you out of house and home.
Backbone Ranch should be using him on those Murray Greys of his to sell calves to the circus as baby elephants. :)
(charolais should give you greys to pass off as baby elephants too.)

Peyton is a WOW bull in extreme. But as ole Doc Harris used to post about cattle breeding, balance, balance, balance.
Beware of extremes.
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