Getting back into colts

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Re: Getting back into colts

Post by A.Lane » Mon Nov 10, 2014 10:04 am

Thank you guys for the insight.

It sounds a lot like my gelding. He's not cold backed but we did have an "incident", after checking found out my saddle tree has a crack so I'm hoping that was the cause and not a habit. He seems to try to out think me and wants to do everything before I even ask which can get frustrating.

Thanks again

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Re: Getting back into colts

Post by talltimber » Tue Mar 24, 2015 10:23 am

cow pollinater wrote:
Bigfoot wrote:IMHO a bunch of the foundation stock is late to season, and cold backed.

I've always had really good results with anything with a bunch of Poco Bueno in there. I've had five or six that went back at least twice and they were all really level headed. They're smart and won't take a heavy hand very well but if you let them think they will almost train themselves. Every one that I've had had quirks like undoing the rope and then just standing there waiting for you to come see how smart they are.
One of them had a guy that I worked with buffaloed. She was dog gentle but he smacked her one time and she pinned her ears and made a face and he backpedaled and climbed up the fence and after that it was game on... She'd let him get near her and then make a face and say BOO and watch him scramble while she stood there and worked her lips. If you were around her long enough you knew it was a joke and she treated it that way but that guy fell for it every time. She had plenty of oppertunity to get him if she meant it and she never did. You could tell she thought it was funny.

:lol: :lol: They sure have their personalities don't they?

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