What's your current oldest cow?

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Re: What's your current oldest cow?

Postby Rafter S » Fri Sep 01, 2017 4:05 pm

creekdrive wrote:
elkwc wrote:Would like to have a pasture full like the top cow.

Thanks - she has been a good cow. Here she is last summer with her heifer calf (who we kept, of course):
The last year and a half or so her back legs are kind of wearing out I think. Her rear pasterns are going down and her back feet aren't wearing as they should. Up until she was 16 she was dead sound. Walked her 8 miles home 2 falls ago and she didn't miss a beat.
When we first got her she was a scratcher. Had been halter broke & shown in her younger days. For a few years after we got her you could walk up and give her a pet and then just all of a sudden one day she decided she was not going to let any human touch her.

I really like that heifer calf.
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