What should they bring

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Re: What should they bring

Postby ez14. » Fri Jan 19, 2018 11:32 am

callmefence wrote:
ez14. wrote:
Lazy M wrote:I'd go $1501!


Looking like their yours ez.. ;-)

Great! I should have asked if he can deliver them though
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Re: What should they bring

Postby bball » Fri Jan 19, 2018 11:56 am

5S Cattle wrote:
bball wrote:Nobody around me letting reg bred hereford heifers go for less than 2k...similiar quality as yours there. Your local feller is trying to get them at commercial price. Cant blame a man for offering.

He's trying to get them for kill cow pricing, which I find insulting, and I do blame people who try to rip other people off.

Yep. Youre right about the kill cow pricing. I was thinking 1500 was more in line with commercial. My mistake.
He made him a low ball offer. All JHH has to do is say nope. I wish i could find cattle like his for 1500 in these parts.
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Re: What should they bring

Postby Coosh71 » Fri Jan 19, 2018 12:59 pm

I'm in Texas Panhandle. Good black baldie bred heifers and nice Hereford Heifers like tours would bring the $1500 no problem. Especially being 3rd trimester. Good luck.
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Re: What should they bring

Postby Bullitt » Sat Jan 20, 2018 1:25 am

[quote="JHH"]Got a couple bred heifers I THINK I am going to try and sell. Depends on what they bring.
What do in guys think they will bring.
I know it' just depends but thought I would ask.

Many people post here that they are looking for quality Hereford heifers/cows. They are more difficult to find than quality Angus.

Herefords are also very versatile. A Hereford bull can be used to get more Herefords, of course. An Angus or Brangus bull can be used to get Black Baldies. A Charolais can be used to get Yellow Baldies. A red bull can be used to get Red Baldies. A Brahman bull can be used to get Brafords. And I am sure there are other good cross breeds.

I think $2,000 a head seems more reasonable for registered Hereford heifers bred to a registered Hereford bull.
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Re: What should they bring

Postby elkwc » Sat Jan 20, 2018 8:29 am

Coosh71 wrote:I'm in Texas Panhandle. Good black baldie bred heifers and nice Hereford Heifers like tours would bring the $1500 no problem. Especially being 3rd trimester. Good luck.

We are fairly close and I imagine see similar prices. There is a variance in what I see asked on Cattle Range, ect and what I hear they are actually bringing. There is going to be a sale the first week of Feb with some good bred reg Hereford females in it so it will be the first true guage I will get. I've seen the registered replacements that are 17 calves priced from 1,2500- 1,750. Again that is priced and not what I hear they are bringing. Like you stated I would see no problem with theses heifers bringing $1,500 and likely a little more in this area.
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Re: What should they bring

Postby SPH » Sun Jan 21, 2018 12:47 am

I probably wouldn't take anything less than $1500 for those bred heifers. You are less than 4 hours south of us so your market is probably fairly similar to ours. We sold 2 bred registered Hereford females this fall to cut back on herd inventory and the guy came with his trailer on Thanksgiving morning to look at them and told us he was worried someone would swoop in and offer us a better price which is why he didn't want to wait another day. He bought a female due to calve in March with her second calf for $1500 and a more proven female due with her 4th calf due in May for $1700. We also sold 3 weaned registered heifer calves to a buyer for $1100 each less than 24 hours after we posted them for sale and got multiple calls on them too so we wonder if might have under-priced them. I think the female market is strong enough right now that you can hold out for the price you want and even if that means calving those females out you probably will get a good price on a cow/calf pair too as a live pair takes the risk out of buying a bred female before she calves.

It's a crazy market these days, We sell both bulls and heifers and we try to gauge the market before setting our prices and some years we will sell out within a few days of marketing and wonder if we maybe under-priced them and other years we have better cattle to sell than the previous year and lowered our prices and have to put more effort into marketing them. There is no shame in holding out for a fair price for your cattle.
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