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Re: Bull pick of this years crop

Postby sim.-ang.king » Thu May 24, 2018 3:04 pm

Stocker Steve wrote:OK, so outliers may be less stable. But as you pointed out - - some people really like being unstable...

Is the power of DNA testing targeted at culling the tips of the bell curve, or finding the next Morgan type stud to found a better breed, or some of both?

I forsee DNA in the near future being more like epd's are today, but more accurate. Used more to find which bull improves a herd, based both the cow and bulls DNA, and matching them up according to what your needs are. Once they are able to id all of the genetic strains, and able to match accordingly, there really won't be any need for breeds after that. Everyone will just take a DNA sample of all of their cows, and then match each cow to a bull that fulfills their needs. So even the outliers could find a place to be used.
This is all if, they don't start producing Alpha-Prime clones before this all comes to be.
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