Regulations killing business

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Re: Regulations killing business

Postby wbvs58 » Sat Jan 20, 2018 4:20 am

True Grit Farms wrote:
wbvs58 wrote:My belief is that government over regulation is really to produce employment to police the regulations. With all the manufacturing jobs moving offshore to Asia we don't have much productive employment other than mining and agriculture so the government manufactures all these policing jobs to keep the masses occupied and paid.


Do you have the EPA or it's equalvent in Australia? The EPA broke the US of A by excessive regulations and chased all the factory jobs for normal people over seas. With the EPA's help the normal folks couldn't find work locally and went to government assistance and quit trying. Now their in the same class as the freeloaders and deadbeats all because of US.

Yes we have that plus more. We have a preferential voting system and the Labor side of politics has a strong association with the Greens party to get their preferences so when ever Labor get in power they have a big debt to service in favour of the Greens so we get all these policies passed and the "sacrificial lamb " is always the farming sector. We have a newly elected state Labor government and they will be passing new legislation to further tighten up tree clearing legislation for the Greens. Even mulga which is pushed over in times of drought for feed will be restricted, it has a very good recovery and has been used sustainably for eternity.

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