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Re: Pot

Postby Caustic Burno » Sun Oct 21, 2018 6:36 am

greybeard wrote:Yep, just as 'new' rustic flour sacks, 'old' granny sun bonnets, old & stained kitchen aprons, and other cloth items, hot off the presses are a big seller at all the antique places and flea markets.

"Rustic" is in around here...there's a rustic furniture outlet in every little town.

I have read some discouraging studies about what pot does to the human brain's ability to do to long term planning. It doesn't stop one from doing what they are doing today, but having any real vision looking 2-20 years into the future, to have a plan, pot inhibits that kind of long term outlook. It destroys the cells in the brain that normally do that kind of planning.

Just makes for easier rats to control.
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