How long does your fly spray last?

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Re: How long does your fly spray last?

Postby jedstivers » Sun Aug 13, 2017 6:59 pm

TCRanch wrote:
jedstivers wrote:The one you post d is a little less active ingredient and cost a whole lot more. We pay 35 dollars for a whole gallon. Do you have many row crops or grain in your area? If you do the chemical supply stores will have what we by at the same price. Course if you don't your still cheaper buying that than what you have been doing.
If I ever come that way I'll bring you some.

Here's a site that will help some. ... secticides
Here's one of the generics we use. ... da-cy-1ec/

Thank you! I'll have to spend quality time checking this out. A neighbor/friend manages one of the local Coop's and should be able to obtain chemicals for us. That said, open invite - not just for fly control!

He should be able to fix you up. Start looking at the AI on all the store bought fly sprays and figure out how to make your own.
And thanks.
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