Can I turn them around?

Cattle problems.
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Re: Can I turn them around?

Postby farmerjan » Fri Apr 06, 2018 9:50 pm

Hay situation the same here. Cows are eating like they were on a diet all winter and someone just said it was a smorgasboard. We should be fine on hay but will not have the quantity to carry over if it doesn't soon warm up so the grass can grow. On top of that, there is a call for temps to drop from 60's today down to 30's tonight with rain mixed with snow to come in and tomorrow will be in the 30's. They have backed off on much accumulation but geez louise..... Cows are cleaning up the hay like there was a vacuum out there. We took 12 rolls to a friend that buys steers in the spring and sells in the fall. He starts buying in late Jan. and has hay to carry them to grass but ran out this past week. It has greened up some, but they are eating it faster than it can grow, and that isn't much. Too cold overall. Last year we had hay ready to cut before May 1st, but too wet. Now we will be lucky to have much hay by May 15th. Orchard grass is growing but it is slow.
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