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Re: Respiratory Issues....

Postby NEFarmwife » Mon Dec 03, 2018 12:00 pm

TCRanch wrote:So Fire Sweep & Chocolate Cow2 both used Inforce 3 & still ended up with pneumonia. CC2 I'm very sorry for the loss of your two calves! Which begs the question: is it worth it in the first place? Or similar to the flu vaccine, which may or may not target the particular strain & half the people that get flu shots still get smacked with the flu.

My vet said he's never dealt with or heard of as many ranchers treating pneumonia & losing calves this year. And once again, the 10 day forecast is predicting huge variations in the weather from upper 50's, then rain/t-storms, drop in temp, snow & lows in the teens. :bang:

We used the Inforce last year as well. We had a VERY hard winter, cold as heck... Up and down swings. We kept all newborn calves in our calving barn for atleast 12 hours after calving to make sure they paired up and sucked. Then sent them to the pens (which all had a high sorghum cover for bedding that we never chopped and calf sheds bedded down) and had the WORST pneumonia year we've had in a long while. 3-5 were being treated constantly. When they fell ill, my husband treated them with a combo he concocted. I hope this year is better.
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