Thoughts on this feed?

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Thoughts on this feed?

Post by jwimberly » Mon Dec 24, 2018 6:28 am

What's your thoughts on this feed for taking 400# calves to 650# by May? I have cheap but lower quality hay fed free choice with it. In comparison to their other feeds its moderate in energy. $228/ton with the rumensin and I think $195/ton without. I've fed them about 4# per head the last couple days when should I take them up to 2% BW?


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Re: Thoughts on this feed?

Post by sim.-ang.king » Mon Dec 24, 2018 12:24 pm

With 20% fiber you should get them up to full feed over the next 2 weeks.
You could shop around and probably find something with less fiber and more corn, cheaper.
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