Gallbladder Trouble

Cattle problems.
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Re: Gallbladder Trouble

Post by Little Cow » Sun Aug 18, 2019 2:27 pm

The doctors aren't making the decisions anymore. The insurance companies and the medical corporations dictate to the doctors what they have to do. It isn't as simple anymore. Plus, if you have a Nurse Practitioner or a PA, they will run more tests, statistically, because they need to be sure before sending you to a specialist. That's why insurance companies and medical corporations love them so much. Drive up the cost. Primary care doctors that are worth anything will save you money, especially if you have limited income. Many good doctors are being driven out or seething with anger over the stupid hoops they have to send their patients through to get them the proper care. Don't even ask about all the extra paperwork or why your primary can't care for you in the hospital anymore. The doctors don't have any real power. Health insurance corporations, which employ millions of people and whose CEOs make top incomes, are entirely supported by the system that allows you and your doctor to meet in an office. They pay the politicians and they call the shots.

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