Working cattle - how not to get kicked

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Re: Working cattle - how not to get kicked

Postby Nesikep » Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:36 pm

I had one cow kick me from out of nowhere, right in the shin.. she got one in return.
I have a number of them that are just always a PITA at calving time, put them in the chute and they kick every time you touch the udder.. I take a stick and touch the udder, and the hoof, they can kick at that til they're blue in the face and tired out.. I mean I really encourage them to kick that stick.. After they've bashed their own shins on the chute enough they settle down and admit defeat
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Re: Working cattle - how not to get kicked

Postby Brute 23 » Fri Sep 15, 2017 12:14 am

When I was working at a place in college the guy had registered Angus cows and those suckers could kick like nothing i had ever seen. You could just be walking down the chute and they would be kicking at you.

We were working cattle and they had an old Mexican man that worked for them full time. He was a real pia. We were working cattle one time and there were several pens before the chute. I was on the one right off the chute. He kept sending me big groups of cows, more than could fit in the chute. I would get the chute loaded, close the gate, turn around, and he was sending cattle again stacking my pen. I would have to wade thru theme to get behind them. I told him several times to wait until I get back to the gate.. I'll open it and they can go by me. Then I will be behind them and I can also cut them so we don't end up with more than the chute can hold.

He kept putting them behind me. Finally I went over there and jumped his butt. The boss came over and asked what was going on. I explained the deal. The old man told him, he's just scared of the cows.... which be nice me off.

Not two pens later that old man was walking thru the cattle in his pen and one of those cows licked him in the chest... yes... the chest. Dropped him butt right there in the pen. That is the exact reason I didn't want them on top of me.

I happen to glance over at him right as it happen and he just fell in the middle of about 15 head in a tight pen. I jumped out of my pen and jumped in his. It was tough to wade thru the cows while trying not to spook them in to him. He was out cold. I had to lift him and carry him to the side. Luckily the guy sending cattle to him saw me jump in and opened his gate to let the cattle go back. So just as I was grabbing him the cows were headed out.

It could have been a really bad deal. They didn't let him work cattle after that. He was be nice. :lol:
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Re: Working cattle - how not to get kicked

Postby Nite Hawk » Wed Sep 20, 2017 11:20 pm

There are some cattle that are acrobats when it comes to kicking. I have seen cattle kick right up beside their ears, and I have seen some spin like a horse and kick out in a flash. One 4-H steer we had was a nasty kicker. I have seen him double barrel kick the rafters in the barn, and connect. He would be chewing his cud and lash out at anything.
Pulling the tail STRAIGHT in line with the spine up over their back seems to paralyse most, but I have had some that will wiggle sideways and if that tail isn't straight in line with the spine they can kick.
Tying a tight rope around their belly just in front of the udder slows some down, but I have seen the odd one still able to kick, and you don't want it so tight the cow goes down and squishes you if you are trying to milk.
The "C" clamp kicker work decent on maybe 90% of the cattle, but I have seen some still able to double up and kick them off, and put on a pretty good performance.
Having done a bit of relief milking it can get "interesting" with some of those dames.
One of the best ways that I have found to help improve your safety when trying to milk a heifer, is if she is plain ornery, (not talking about a heifer that is scared and just needs a bit of work , as there are some out there that are plain cranky) is to wait until her bag is so full she is miserable.
put the nose pliers in her nose and pull her head in the air and get someone to pull the tail over the back, and come in real close to her shoulder and real close to her belly, and gently milk her out. After while most start to realize that getting milked relieves the pressure and misery. There are some you can never let your guard down with, they will be fine and then wham!
Some calm down and are great milkers, and some are plain crazy, and need to be made into hamburger.
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