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Re: New heifer (:

Postby Bfields30 » Thu Jun 07, 2018 6:39 pm

Bfields30 wrote:
Jeanne - Simme Valley wrote:You can put weight on her out on pasture for the summer & sell in the fall - or you can grain feed her & finish her out for freezer beef. That would probably the best profit. It is usually pretty easy to find two people to buy a half. Just make sure you get her fat enough if you sell her for meat.
And, I'm not saying you shouldn't keep her. Looking at a picture can be extremely difficult to judge structure. It is just that when they stand with their hind legs back all the time, that is a really good indication that they are post legged. You might have caught her wrong.
How are you going to breed your little herd?
debating on a Brangus bull or beefmaster not sure.
could I keep her to fall on pasture as well as feed her and then maybe sell on craiglist or sale barn
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