Fencing full of Brush, etc.

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Re: Fencing full of Brush, etc.

Post by TexasBred » Sat Aug 04, 2018 8:11 am

Caustic Burno wrote:
TexasBred wrote:
Caustic Burno wrote:
You lose it quicker with pee poor fences. Has nothing to do with impression till your in front of a jury.
One word will get you every time in Texas is knowingly. If you know the Fence is substandard or should have known open up the liability checkbook.

1981 your county was designated a free range county. Is that still in effect??

No TB last I looked it up there was only 20 or so free range counties left in the state. TSCRA had a list in an issue.

TB I have talked with our State Representative several times as Texas fence laws are as screwed up as a football bat. Just finding out if your county is open or closed is a pain in the a$$.
https://agrilife.org/texasaglaw/2014/05 ... ot-part-1/

I hear you. Gotta hire a Philadelphia lawyer to know if you are required to build a fence or not.

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Re: Fencing full of Brush, etc.

Post by Ranch7DK » Thu Jan 10, 2019 6:45 pm

Lots of good suggestions here. Personally, I like the idea of running a couple of hot-wires inside, giving you time and room to place the fence. ( I am choosing this method cause I don't have the cash to replace all at once) Choose the worst first to replace, repair the rest until its turn to be replaced. Spray with "remedy", a woody plant herbicide. When its time to replace that section - a lot of clearing will have been done on its own then. In fact, mix a match of remedy and arsenal (3 year rated herbicide for grasses) it will help clean the fences up for sure. With overgrowth - manual labor will always be a part of the clean-up. Texas has both free range and closed range laws, depends on the county. if you live in an open range county livestock owners are not responsible for damage should they get loose - just as the driver is not responsible to the livestock owner for hitting the animal. UNLESS - said livestock are repeat offenders and the owner has been issued a citation for improper fencing. https://agrilife.org/texasaglaw/files/2 ... wnload.pdf
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