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Re: Corral boards

Post by greybeard » Thu Oct 18, 2018 1:45 pm

pricefarm wrote:
Did you use used railroad ties? I have been thinking of using some. I haven't found anywhere to buy them around here but Lowes and there around 15$ a piece.

Take a hammer with you and smack each one of them several places on at least 2 sides. Ties have a bad habit of being rotten or even hollow on the inside and a dull 'thud' tells the tale. A good solid one makes an almost 'ringing' noise when you hit it.

Most ties are advertised as 8' long but I have found a lot of them that were 102"-106" long. Someone told me they use longer ones if they were under track on a curve. I dunno...I ain't a choo choo guy.

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Re: Corral boards

Post by bball » Thu Oct 18, 2018 2:04 pm

pricefarm wrote:
ClinchValley wrote:I used 1x6x16 rough cut oak boards, spaced 5" apart. Used RR ties as posts. Concreted in the ground. Built 6'4" tall. Put upright 1x6 between the 8 feet post spacing. Alleyway going to chute has post spacing of 4'. Used upright 1x6 in alley between posts also. Sides of alley are pretty dang solid. Tried to keep the cattle from seeing out. Left enough gap to slide an oak 2x4 as a back stop in front of each post. Prevents them from backing up.

Fastened with 3.5" deck screws. Had lots of help on planning from our neighbors.

The very bottom board is just high enough off the ground to keep the boards being in wet grass all the time. Maybe 10 to 12 nches.

I'm impressed with what they help me come up with. Works very well with me by myself. Very low stress and well flowing.

Definitely put uprights between posts IMO. Ties everything together. Cannot draw that way. One of the best things we did IMO. Makes it real strong.

Did you use used railroad ties? I have been thinking of using some. I haven't found anywhere to buy them around here but Lowes and there around 15$ a piece.

This past weekend, I pulled about 35 RR ties that had been in the ground almost 50 years at my FILs farm. Only 4 broke off before they pulled out. Not concreted in. Replaced with 3 siders (RR ties) picked up at RK for $12 each. I couldn't believe how long they held for him.
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Brute 23
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Re: Corral boards

Post by Brute 23 » Thu Oct 18, 2018 2:28 pm

We cant use RR ties here. They will be rotted out in a couple years. In west texas they set cattle guards on wood beams though so guess it depends on the area.
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Re: Corral boards

Post by sassafras manor » Thu Oct 18, 2018 2:44 pm

We are installing the boards this afternoon and I will do my best to post pictures of the finished product

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