Newbie Startup Questions

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Re: Newbie Startup Questions

Postby warped04 » Sun Apr 30, 2017 6:02 pm

Thank you all so much for taking the time to share your knowledge. I respect all of your opinions, I don't find it discouraging, I find it enlightening.

Son of Butch wrote:No, you are not off base.
Although you might be comparing 650-700 lb feeder heifers at 1.42 = $950/hd ($923 - $994)
to some ranchers who are way too proud of their 700 lb purebred replacement heifers and asking $2000

I'd suggest that a rookie should shy away from buying open heifers and instead buy 3 in 1 cows to start out.
(3 in 1 = Bred cow with calf at her side)
You may want to pay a cattle buyer commission and enlist his help in selecting 3 in ones at the sale barn.

All the Best to you and yours.... way up there on Ruby Ridge :)

I think you are right about me comparing feeder heifers to purebred replacement heifers. I think I just need to go visiting sometime, and really get to know the ranchers (obviously calling first), as M-5 suggested.

And a little souther, there's a sub base nearby ;-)

backhoeboogie wrote:You are buying hamburger, steak, roast from the store?

The best way to "get started" and be in the black is to raise your own freezer beef. Get a steer, feed it out, and put it in your freezer. There is a learning curve there for you and you get experience. Your cost savings is notable and you get the best beef for your money.

Next year buy 3 steers and sell two of them to friends. Find four friends to buy 1/2 a beef. Let them deal with the processor but haul the steer to the processor for them.

Been doing that at a family members place. His name is Sweet Baby Ray, and we got him so the kids wouldn't think all animals are pets. My 5 year old actually made me promise not to take a bite out of him without her. He should be ready to process in the next month or two (splitting him with my cousin).

I do like the 3 steer idea though. It might be the "smart" way to go, but sometimes the urge to go for it, and the impatience of "that's one more year of not growing a herd" gets to me.

farmerjan wrote:...I am not trying to discourage you and I agree that raising your own beef and making a little is a good and reasonable goal...

I don't feel that way at all, and I'm honored for the thought that goes into all the advice. All of my knowledge is from family where he did start with just heifers. He/We just had a decent calving season (lost one heifer out of 5). I think diving in on a small scale puts more skin in the game. I don't know how you feel about that.

Also, a disbursment would put me out of state for sure. The reason I like the treasure valley is I can get there, and I've been watching it for a long time. I maybe new at treasure valley, but out of state I'll be a carp on the side of the road. In the family's herd, I was the one to recognize one of the heifers had been bred, and to monitor her in 21 days to see if she went back into heat (When I'm there, I spend all my time with the cattle. The bull comes up to me and eats out of my hand). So I don't feel like a total newbie, but compared to y'all........

dieselbeef wrote:ca to id is a big change in itself. you also have no connections in the industry and no background...or exp in that state.....

Yup, You are very correct. Although a side note, people actually don't believe I'm from California, or thought I moved when very young.

greybeard wrote:
WHATEVER you do DO NOT START with heifers.

Aww c'mon..what's the fun in that?
Everyone that wants to be a cowman should do it at least once... :lol2: :lol2: :cry2:

More skin in the game right :hide:

Thank you everyone. I'm not on a deadline to start, and I appreciate everyone taking their time to give advice. I have researched a vet in the area that will do farm visits / ai, has calving ease semen in house
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Re: Newbie Startup Questions

Postby dieselbeef » Mon May 01, 2017 6:42 am

when yer dealing with 6 ft of snow and sub zero temps it wont matter what people believe..only what you can manage
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sooner or later im gonna be all beefmasters...probly be later

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