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255 Bulls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,050,000         $4,117
    3 Quarter Horses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,850                $1,950


October 2, 2007
Ashland, Kansas

Good cowmen sorting a good offering of Angus bulls made quick work of the Gardiner Angus Ranch 3rd Annual Fall Bull Sale. Two hundred fifty-five bulls found new ranches to work at in just over two and a half hours. The bulls sold to 98 buyers representing 19 states.

Cary Mickel, Hartwell, Ga., bought the top selling bull, Lot 11, for $12,500. GAR MC Total J6003, a son of TC Total 410, was the No. 1 $Beef bull in the sale with a $B value of +62.71. Leon Stauffer, Yates Center, Kansas, and Kerry Stitt, Dover, Okla., each paid $9,500 for the second high-selling bulls. Lot 15, GAR Future Direction G706, purchased by Stauffer, has a BW EPD of I+1.4 with ultrasound %IMF and REA of +.81 and +.89 -- a perfect specimen of carcass value without compromising maternal. Lot 92, purchased by Stitt, is a GAR Yield Grade son out of GAR 1407 New Design 1942, one of the best cows ever produced at GAR. Lot 6, another Yield Grade son with a $B of +58.56 sold to Clyde Downs, Jr., Franklin, N.C., for $9,000. Joe Mayer, Guymon, Okla., had the winning bid of $8,750 to take home Lot 25, GAR Objective T736. T736 posted a calving ease score of I+10, YW I+102 and a +58.49 $B. Lot 5, also a SS Objective son going back to the noted GAR Precision 706 cow, sold to Hirschy Angus Farms, Orlando, Fla., for $8,500. Charles Simpson, Edmond, Okla., paid $7,750 to take home Lot 21, GAR MC Total J6002.

Repeat buyer, Arcadia Land and Cattle, Soper, Okla., added Lot 14, GAR Solution H5016, to his load for $7,500. Leon Stauffer, Yates Center, Kansas, purchased Lots 115, 116 and 10 for $7,500, $7,250 and $7,000 respectively. All three lots are sired by CA Future Direction 5321 out of New Design daughters.

Kim Leeper, Mule Creek Ranch, Wilmore, Kansas, and Bob Wilson, Box W Ranch, Lipan, Texas each paid $7,000 for Lots 60 and 61 respectively. Six bulls, Lots 1, 12, 13, 99, 114 and 274X sold for $6,500 to Berry Bortz, Preston, Kansas; Jon Horacek, Offerle, Kansas; Randy Browning, Appleton City, Mo.; Bob Anson, Myakka City, Fla.; Leon Stauffer; and Roger Giles, Bucklin, Kansas.

Arcadia Land and Cattle purchased two more top bulls, Lots 2 and 7, sons of GAR Predestined and GAR Retail Product, for $6,250 each. Sam Hands, Triangle H Grain & Cattle, Garden City, Kansas; Mark Luckie, Snake Creek Ranch, Ashland, Kansas; and Sara Jacobson, Diamond S Ranch, Goliad, Texas, each paid $6,250 for Lots 18, 28 and 98 respectively.

Four buyers purchased six lots for $6,000 each. The buyers include Sara Jocobson; Sam Hands; Ross Humphreys, San Rafael Cattle Co., Tucson, Ariz.; and Joe Mayer.

Arcadia Land and Cattle purchased to top selling Quarter Horse colt, Lot 2, GAR Royal Stockman for $2,500. This 2006 gelding is sired by Royals Red Rap out of a Tee J Jolly Jack daughter.

Volume buyers: Sam Hands, Garden City, Kansas; Tommy McGill, Alico, Inc., LaBelle, Fla.; Perkins-Prothro Ranch, Kerrick, Texas; Mike Phillips, Sayre, Okla.; Jack Shelton, Bravo Cattle Co., Amarillo, Texas; Jim Hutchins, Childress, Texas; Garlyn Shelton, Temple, Texas.


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