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22 Yearling Brangus Bulls . . . . . . . . . . . .$64,200            $2,918
18 Brangus & Brangus Crossbred Yearling Heifers . . . .$1,151
6 Brangus & Brangus Crossbred Preg. 2 Yr. Olds . . . . . $1,625

February 25, 2012
Fair Play, S.C.

The Spitzer family celebrated thirty years of being Brangus Seedstock Producers with their best bull sale to date and a nice offering of commercial Brangus females from the cow herds of their customers. Over that 30 year time span, Spitzer Ranch has positively staked out the claim as “providing genetics and services to enable cow-calf producers to be successful.” Their no-nonsense focus on and commitment to the needs of commercial beef operations has become well known throughout the Southeastern US. They have a reputation as the “go to” operation for soundly developed, athletic, functional and durable bulls with the right genetics to put pounds on the ground and dollars in the pockets of their customers. The Spitzer Ranch exclusive Curve Bender Index (CBI) has become the standard of excellence for identifying bulls siring calves with lowered birth weights and yet rapid gain to weaning and yearling ages.

Buyers and bidders from Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas demonstrated confidence in the Curve Bender Index genetic program by purchasing twenty two (22) yearling Brangus bulls with a gross of $64,200 to average $2,918. An extra fancy set of females supplied by Spitzer Ranch bull customers sold immediately after the bull sale. Eighteen head of Brangus and Brangus Crossbred yearling heifers averaged $1,151 while six head of Brangus and Brangus Crossbred pregnant two-year-olds (four were pairs by sale day) sold for an average of $1,625. The vast majority of attendees were many time repeat buyers of the powerful genetics from the Spitzer Ranch program. “But what we are the most proud of,” said John Spitzer, “is that these customers are all commercial cattlemen with well thought out profit objectives. When these very practical, profit driven commercial cattlemen will sit here and outbid the registered breeders for a bull, they must be absolutely convinced our bulls make them money.”

High selling bull was WTN Catawba Warrior X085 from the herd of ten year cooperators in the Spitzer Ranch Alliance, Will and Nola Taylor. He is a phenotypically attractive and genetically powerful Brangus sire who sold to neighbor and repeat customer Burton Family Farms, Westminster, S.C. at $5,200. This bull was sired by the Spitzer Ranch bred senior herd sire TCB Catawba Warrior R532 who currently resides at the GENEX AI Stud. He was flagged as a Calving Ease sire with a BW EPD of -2 (top 10 percent rank) and an actual BW of only 71 pounds. X085 also had an YW EPD of 56 which gave him a top 20 percent rank compared to all Brangus Non-Parent Bulls. Additionally, X085 ranked in the top one percent for Scrotal Circumference EPD and top 10 percent for REA EPD with a REA Ultrasound Scan of 14.2 sq. in. Overall he had a top 20 percent or better ranking in six EPD categories.

Close on the heels of the top seller was the tremendously powerful growth bull, SR Piute Warrior X023. When everyone quit waving bids he sold to long time customer Teague Farms, Syler City, N.C. for $4,700. He is a rare package of growth, Ranking in the top one percent of all Brangus Non-Parents for both WW and YW EPDs and SC. Additionally, his muscle mass places him with a top four percent rank for REA EPD and he ultrasound scanned a fantastic marbling of 3.98 percent IMF with a 13.04 sq. in. REA scan. Rounding out top selling bulls was the $4,200 bid for the very popular SR Medicine Man Warrior X005, sired by the Brangus Summit Sire PR Elixir 698L3. He sold to another repeat customer, Pat Pfeil, McCarlton Partners, Arcadia, Fla. Possessing probably the most balanced EPD profile of all calving ease bulls in the sale his ultrasound scan of a 13.37 sq. in. REA and 3.80 percent IMF sure didn't hurt in making him extremely attractive to bidders in attendance.

Topping the commercial female sale with a bid of $1,675 each was an extra nice pair of ¾ Brangus two-year-olds with babies at side going to Richard Hyatt at Sunburst Beef, Waynesville, N.C. These ¾ Brangus females were consigned by Choestoea Farm, Reid and Jack Arnold, Westminster, S.C. and exhibited two generations of Spitzer Ranch Brangus bulls with their calves sired by Angus bulls as examples of their well planned and structured Brangus X Angus two breed, rotational crossbreeding system. A fancy pen of straight Brangus led the open yearling heifer category going to Jason Reed, Chatsworth, Ga., on a bid of $1,275 each.

Every year since 2004 the folks at Spitzer Ranch add another operation to their Customer Honor Roll. This year's honorees were Craig Acres Farm, The Walker Family, Ninety Six, S.C. who were represented by father and son, Paul and Craig Walker. The Walkers have been repeat bull customers for well over 20 years and have actively promoted Spitzer Ranch and Brangus cattle in their area of the state. They and other loyal customers just like them are just the kind of people who make the cattle business such a great industry, and what keeps Spitzer Ranch in business and always striving to be better as suppliers of seedstock to the commercial cattleman.

The 2013 Spitzer Ranch Professional Cattlemen's Brangus Bull Sale and Customer Commercial Brangus Female Sale are “on go” for Saturday, February 23, 2013. Please mark your calendar now so as not to miss out on an even better set of Brangus Bulls and a super set of Commercial Brangus Crossbred Females. They extend you a personal invitation if you wish your name added to their mailing list. Their Newsletters always provide current Bull Test Performance Reports as well as educational tips, inspiration and insights into a variety of timely topics of interest to those cattlemen whose goal is increased profitability. Just call 864/972-9140, write Spitzer Ranch, 1511 Hwy 59, Fair Play, SC, 29643 or send an email note to Be sure to visit them at and follow their posts and Quote Of The Week on Facebook.


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