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Welcome to the Ranches & Farms RingLink! 
What is a ringlink? Well, it is a loop or "ring" of websites that all link to each other in an organized fashion. You can see the ring control and logo on the bottom of each member's page which allows people to navigate through the ring in any number of ways.

The Ranches & Farms RingLink allows all members to link to each other, but more importantly, all the member's sites are  agriculture related. They might have info on a particular breed of livestock or crop-- but while they are all related each site has its own individual style and unique personality.

Read the rules below and if you qualify, join today!



  • Your site must be a ranch or farm homepage. No vendors or commercial sites!
  • No adult content or links to XXX sites - all sites must be safe for kids!


  • Read the rules above to see if you qualify and if you do then click on the "Join the Ring!"  button below.
  • Copy and paste the HTML code you will receive by e-mail into your page. 
  • Upload your newly edited page to your website.
  • Send email to The Ringmaster at to let me know you have uploaded HTML.
  • After I receive your email, I will double check your site to be sure it complies with the guidelines and the HTML is installed. If everything is in order, your site will be inserted into the ring and you will be notified via email.


  • You have only ten (10) days from the time you submit this form to add the HTML code to your web page!
  • You must copy and paste the required HTML code which you will receive by email into your document.
  • You cannot change the graphic or the HTML code in any way.
  • The logo and ring control doesn't have to be on your entry page, however if it is not, there must be a link on your entry page to the page that contains our logo.
  • Only after you have the ring control and logo on your page, and your site meets the above rules to qualify, will it be added to the RingLink. 
  • All members will receive a free monthly RingLink newsletter.
  • The Ringmaster reserves the right to reject any site.

    Important!  AOL email users: AOL strips HTML code out of their emails, so the code you receive in your email will not work.  After you submit your site you can log-in on "Get HTML Code" below and copy your correct HTML from there.


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If you change your site's name or your ISP you must edit your info!!

Members edit your current site info here!


The ring control should look like this on your page.


This Ranches & Farms site owned
by The RingMaster.
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